2 Corinthians: Power in Weakness

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Paul is not talking about bad choices that we make. He is not saying the power of Christ is perfected in my bad choices. Or, I will all the more gladly boast of my bad choices. Weaknesses here are not imperfect behaviors.

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They are circumstances and situations and experiences and wounds that make us look weak; things we would probably get rid of if we had the human strength. Jesus tells us not to return evil for evil Matthew — How easy it would have been for Paul to think that he was already rising above the ordinary hardships and troubles of earthly life because he was given such a privilege.

Now this thorn in the flesh whether it was some physical problem or some relentless enemies is one of the weaknesses he is talking about. And where did it come from? So one clear answer is that some weaknesses come from Satan. Satan afflicts the children of God through his angels or messengers. His aim is destruction and death and misery. But it is not that simple is it? Satan is not the only one at work here.



God is at work. This thorn is not just the work of Satan to destroy. It is the work of God to save. We know this for two reasons.

First, because Paul describes the purpose for the thorn in terms of preventing pride. Satan wanted to make Paul miserable and turn him away from the faith and the ministry and the value of the visions he had seen. But God wanted to make Paul humble and turn him away from self-exaltation. So God appointed the thorn of Satan for the work of salvation.

It is ultimately my saving, sanctifying work. Just like it was with Job — God permits Satan to afflict his righteous servant, and turns the affliction for his good purposes. See also Luke — So the answer to our second question is that the source of our weaknesses may sometimes be Satan and his destructive designs for us; but always our weaknesses are designed by God for our good. God is in control of Satan. This brings us to the final question, which we have already answered.

What is the purpose of such weaknesses?

Verse of the Day - Day 15

Is there a goal or an aim for why the weaknesses come? Why insults, hardships, persecutions, calamities, troubles?

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Why am I trapped in this awful marriage? Why does my dad have cancer? Why do I have no friends? Why is nothing working in my life?

My Power Is Made Perfect in Weakness - 2 Corinthians

Paul gives three brief answers about his own experience and I think they are tremendously important for us to live by. First, he says that Satan has the purpose to buffet you or harass you v. And so it is ok to pray for relief. Pain is not a good thing in itself. God does not delight in your suffering. Satan does, and he must be resisted. Paul was in danger of pride and self-exaltation and God took steps to keep him humble.

Strength in Weakness—2 Corinthians 12:2-10

This is an utterly strange thing in our self-saturated age. God thinks humility is more important than comfort. Humility is more important than freedom from pain. He will give us a mountaintop experience in paradise, and then bring us through anguish of soul lest we think that we have risen above the need for total reliance on his grace.

2 Corinthians 12:9 MY POWER MADE PERFECT IN YOUR WEAKNESS ( Rhema Word)

So his purpose is our humility and lowliness and reliance on him 2 Corinthians ; This is the main point of verses 9— The Our Father guides readers to ask important questions, such as what are we asking for, what are we committing ourselves to, and what does the Our Father teach us about how to pray? Jesus was a man of prayer. Click Image to Zoom. See More. Books by Kevin Perrotta. Shop Now. The Our Father Six Weeks with the Bible: Catholic Perspectives The Our Father guides readers to ask important questions, such as what are we asking for, what are we committing ourselves to, and what does the Our Father teach us about how to pray?

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