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The better the information we have about a product, the more we will sell! Submit Information. Other journals devote long reviews to the new favorite: according to the Jenaische Zeitungen von Gelehrten Sachen 3 all the learned periodicals vied with one another in lavish bestowal of praise upon these Journeys. The journals consulted go far toward justifying this statement.

Or he leaves it incomplete under such circumstances that the reader is impressed by the rare delicacy of mind of the author, and can never suspect that such a man, who never allows a double entendre to enter his mind without a blush, has entertained an indecent idea. The wanton passages are acknowledged, but the reviewer asserts that the author must be pardoned them for the sake of his generous and kind-hearted thoughts.

The reviewer thus singled out for especial approval two interpolations by the German translator, incidents which in their conception and narration have not the true English Yorick ring. The success of the Sentimental Journey increased the interest in the incomprehensible Shandy. At the close of this introduction Bode says that, without undervaluing the intelligence of his readers, he had regarded notes as essential, but because of his esteem for the text, and a parental affection for the notes, he has foreborne to insert them here.

The names of Ebert and Lessing are not on the list.

Deutsch B1 Prüfung und A2 - Briefe schreiben. Teil 1: Einladungen zur Party mit Bella

The number of subscribers in Mitau twelve is worthy of note, as illustrating the interest in Sterne still keenly alive in this small and far away town, undoubtedly a direct result of the admiration so lavishly expressed in other years by Herder, Hamann and their circle. The translation was hailed then as a masterly achievement of an arduous task, the difficulties of which are only the less appreciated because of the very excellence of the performance.

The reviews were prodigal of praise.

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In view of all this marked esteem, it is rather surprising to 61 find a few years later a rather sweeping, if apologetic, attack on the rendering of Shandy. Benzler resented this review and replied to it in a later number of the same periodical. The notes are numerous and lengthy, constituting a quarter to a third of the book, but are replete with padding, pointless babble and occasional puerile inaccuracies.

The Wortregister contains fourteen pages in double columns of explanations, in general differing very little from the kind of information given in the notes. According to the prefatory note of Lydia Sterne de Medalle in the collection which she edited and published, it was the wish of Mrs. Sterne that the correspondence of her husband, which was in her possession, be not given to the world, unless other letters bearing his name should be published.

It will be remembered that an effort was made by Mrs. Eustace and the watchcoat story. Some of these letters had appeared previously in British magazines, and one, copied from the London Magazine , was translated in the Wandsbecker Bothe for April 16, Three of these letters only are accepted by Prof. Saintsbury Nos. Eustace, and Of the others, Nos. Two of them, Nos. Indeed, the editor expressly states in his preface that it is not the purpose of the book to forestall Mme. One would naturally look to Hamburg for translations of these epistles.

In this same year, an unknown translator issued in a single volume a rendering of these three collections. Weidmanns Erben und Reich. The same journal notes the translation of the miscellaneous collection, November 4, , giving in full the letter of Dr. The utter innocence, the unquestionably Platonic character of the relations between Yorick and Eliza is accepted fully. With keen, critical judgment the reviewer is inclined to doubt the originality of the Eliza letters.

Yet the Yorick of these letters is accorded undisguised admiration.


His love is exalted above that of Swift for Stella, Waller for Sacharissa, Scarron for Maintenon, 54 and his godly fear as here exhibited is cited to offset the outspoken avowal of dishonoring desire. In another volume of Sterne letters was issued in London, giving English and German on opposite pages. This is evidently the volume published by the anonymous editor in , and our present editor declares that 70 he knows Nos.

This is, of course, No. The book itself consists mostly of a kind of diary kept by Yorick to send to Eliza at Madeira and later to India, and a corresponding journal written by Eliza on the vessel and at Madeira. In spite of obvious effort, Sterne was unable to infuse into his homiletical discourses any considerable measure of genuine Shandeism, and his sermons were never as widely popular as his two novels, either among those who sought him for whimsical pastime or for sentimental emotion.

They were sermons.

The early Swiss translation has been duly noted. The Berlinische Monatsschrift 62 calls attention to the excellence of the work and quotes the sermons at considerable length. The comment contains the erroneous statement that Sterne was a dissenter, and opposed to the established church. The translation published at Thorn in , evidently building on this information, continues the error, and, in explanation of English church affairs, adds as enlightenment the thirty-nine articles.

This translation is confessedly a working-over of the Leipzig translation already mentioned. The German Yorick was the champion of the oppressed and downtrodden. They were published in London in and dedicated to G. The English people are represented as burden-bearing asses laden with oppression in the shape of taxes and creeds.

It is needless to state that England never associated these sermons with Sterne. The new collection of sermons was translated by A. Klausing and published at Leipzig in , containing eighteen sermons. In England contemporary criticism generally stigmatized these impertinent attempts as dubious, or undoubtedly fraudulent. The spurious ninth volume of Shandy has been mentioned. There remain also a few other books which need to be mentioned because they were translated into German and played their part there in shaping the German idea of Yorick.

These books obtained relatively a much more extensive recognition in Germany than in England. The preface closes with a long doggerel rhyme, which, the translator says, he has purposely left untranslated. It is, however, beyond the shadow of a doubt original with him, as its contents prove. After a passage in which the rhymester enlarges upon the probability of distorted judgment, he closes with these lines:. The translator supplies frequent footnotes explaining the allusions to things specifically English. He makes occasional comparison with German conditions, always with the claim that Germany is better off, and needs no such satire.

Sterne himself used this device frequently, but guardedly, and in ever-changing variety.


Its careless use betrays the mediocre imitator. The more famous Koran was also brought to German territory and enjoyed there a recognition entirely beyond that accorded it in England.

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Since a German translation appeared in the following year , the German reviews do not, in the main, concern themselves with the English original. Lessing evidently thought it not worth while to mention these discoveries, as he is entirely silent on the subject. Would that they had a hundredth part of the merits by which he made up for this lack, or rather which resulted from it. The creator of Tristram Shandy does this in rich measure. Who will uproot this plant which Ferriar has set on his? Some of the English imitations of Sterne, which did not actually claim him as author, also found their way to Germany, and there by a less discriminating public were joined in a general 79 way to the mass of Yorick production, and the might of Yorick influence.

The translation was by Reichel in Zittau. In there appeared in England a continuation of the Sentimental Journey 90 in which, to judge from the reviewers, the petty author outdid Sterne in eccentricities of typography, breaks, dashes, scantily filled and blank pages. The author, as 81 described in the preface, is an illegitimate son of Yorick, named Shandy, who writes the narrative as his father would have written it, if he had lived.

This assumed authorship proves quite satisfactorily its connection with the English original, as there, too, in the preface, the narrator is designated as a base-born son of Yorick. He did not rid the book of revolting features, as one might suppose from his preface. It has not been possible to find an English original, but the translator makes claim upon one, though confessing alterations to suit his German readers, and there is sufficient internal evidence to point to a real English source. The traveler is a haggard, pale-faced English clergyman, who, with his French servant, La Pierre, has wandered in France and Italy and is now bound for Margate.

The latter part of the volume is much less reminiscent of Yorick and suggests interpolation by the translator. The British Museum catalogue suggests J. Brandon as its author. Wilhelmi, the pseudonym of August Wilhelm Meyer. V, No. Merkur , VIII, pp. April 21, , pp. Hirsching see above says it rivals the original.

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The references to the Deutsches Museum are respectively IX, pp. Erholungen III, pp. Mit 3 Kupfern und 3 Vignetten nach Chodowiecki von J. Wieland does modify his enthusiasm by acknowledgment of inadequacies and devotes about a page of his long review to the correction of seven incorrect renderings.

Leipzig, , 8 o , I, ; II, Magdeburg, I, pp. Jena, , II, pp.

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The edition is also reviewed in the Erfurtische Gelehrte Zeitung , p. The threat of Mrs. Sterne and her daughter to publish the letters to Mrs. Draper would seem to be at variance with this idea of Mrs.