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Way of the Cross History

He cannot swim at all; he sinks like a stone! He only appears to swim as long as he has his feet on the bottom he has not, by faith, been crucified!

By believing Romans , we cease to serve sin; that is, to commit conscious sin, to do the works of the flesh. However, unconscious sin, the deeds of the body Romans , continue to manifest themselves in those areas where we do not have light. This speaks of a victorious life and includes all conscious sin.

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This includes all conscious lusts and desires, so that we do not act contrary to what we know is right. We cannot crucify a man before we have found him. Neither can we reckon ourselves crucified to something we do not consider to be sin. So it is important that we remain close to God so we can continually receive new light over our self-life, so that something more can be crucified.

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This is all by faith. By faith it becomes reality in our life, otherwise it just remains a theory. If we, in reality , are crucified with Christ by faith, we will also in reality advance on the way of life. And this is precisely what we have been called to do.

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How can we look to the future positively, with so much negativity in the news? Written by G. Published in Edification. The Franciscans long popularized the practice, and in the 18th century they bowed to Western Christian devotional feeling and provided 14 stations in Jerusalem.

The traditional stations have been recently supplemented with the Via Lucis the Way of Light , in which the meditations focus on the resurrected Christ. The devotion may be done individually or in a group and is particularly important in Roman Catholic , Anglican , and Lutheran traditions. Both St. Francis of Assisi and St.

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