Reckless. Lebendige Schatten: Band 2 (Spiegelwelt) (German Edition)

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Living the good life. Super freaking annoyed at the moment. Slows down for squirrels, stops for wildflowers. But we are busy pretending to sightsee, and burning money on food and drinks. Living the good life to the fullest. What I saw last time I suffered from sleep paralysis - enjoy my waking nightmares and sleep well tonight pencildrawing pencilsketch sketch goblin monster shadowmonster shadow livingshadows sleepparalysis sleeptight goodnight areyouafraidofthedark sleepwell sleep dontlookunderthebed.

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Ich hab das erste Buch, vor ca. Keine Cinderella Story, kein happy ever after. Irgendwie hat sich zum 3. Ich kann nichtmal wirklich in Worte fassen, was mir genau am 3. This week we're collaborating with waynesables exploring film projection mapping for LivingShadows Funded by aceagrams. The research and development of my new dance performance piece LivingShadows funded by aceagrams.

LivingShadows A fantastic first week of RnD in Halifax studio59academy with these amazing dance artists - funded by aceagrams. Inktober day Dark! These are something I created a while ago that I call shadow foxes. Forgot to put a watermark on this one, but oh well! All was drowned by its silence. But Jacob loved the night. He felt it on his skin like a promise. Like a cloak woven from freedom and danger.


Heut folgt noch ein recklessgram , denn warum nicht? Ich liebe liebe liebe die Serie einfach. Zudem soll Fuchs erwachsener dargestellt werden. Ich liebe Band 1 und kann ihn quasi auswendig.

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Daher wird es komisch sein, ihn "neu" zu entdecken. Also, wer ist euer liebster Spiegelweltler? Bei mir wird es immer Jacob sein. Ich fand ihn von Anfang an einfach nur toll! Der Titel klingt doch sehr vielversprechend, oder? Da kommen doch so einige in Frage I am dying to read it! Am I dead or am I dead about this news? Today has been pure crap, but I fortunately brought The Petrified Flesh to read on my lunch break. The universe seemed to know I needed it today. What's an underrated series you think deserves more hype?

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  • If you like fairytales, darkness and melancholy you will love this series. It also includes the most beautiful world building and an amazing slow-burn romance. In conclusion: this is my favorite series and you should read it. You will not be disappointed. I know that I'm going to cry, and I'm both afraid and excited.

    There are so many feelings in this series, I don't know what to do with myself. Welches ist euer Cover-Favorit? What are you planning to do during the weekend? It was definitely time for a new recklessgram. I am so extremly excited for The Labyrinth of the Faun, the German Mirtorworld short-story collection and of course Reckless book 4. Your trees don't produce copies of The Petrified Flesh under their roots?

    I'm so sorry to hear that.

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    Recklessgram reckless thepetrifiedflesh corneliafunke favoritebook favoriteseries love bookstagram mirrorworld jacobreckless hentzau bookhusband. Bestimmt rereade ich die Reihe vor dem ET des vierten Bandes.

    Cornelia Funke: Reckless - Lebendige Schatten - Buchtrailer zum zweiten Band

    Another fun RecklessRepost from wonderful bookstagrammer pandabooklove! And the Shakespeare quote with the mirror fits perfectly!

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    Idk what happened to make this the day to celebrate Hentzau's fictional existence but uhm Happy birthday to my book husband! Euch auch? Ich hab das manchmal, wenn ich an die Spiegel- oder Tintenwelt denke. Ich frage mich manchmal, wie Cornelia Funke nur so wundervoll schreiben kann? Es ist echt der Wahnsinn. Ich rereade gerade zum millionsten Mal Reckless und bin gebannt wie beim ersten Mal. I wonder how Cornelia manages to write so beautifully? It's incredible! I'm currently rereading Reckless for the hundreth time and I am as excited as I was reading it for the first time!