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Creating a bond with your house plants is an easy daily ritual for the green witch. Open your windows and let the fresh air in, whether at work or at home. Too hot or too cold? Try rolling down a car window enough to allow the air to blow through and experiencing the air element on a daily basis.

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The fire element is recognized and honored by lighting a candle at the end of your day. Meditate on the candle flame or simply allow its glow to fill your space with warmth and happiness. The perfect daily ritual for the green witch. But I beg to differ.

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During your lunch break at work, instead of sitting at a table inside, go outside and walk for ten to fifteen minutes. Or take a walk after dinner in the evening. My garden is my happy place. If you have a garden, visit it as a daily green witch ritual. Walk around the garden and inspect the health and appearance of your plants. Notice what wildlife is present — are there birds? Harvest plants that are ready and cut back dead foliage as needed. Water your plants as needed.

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Just being in my garden grounds and centers me, as it will for you! Leave daily offerings in the garden for the nature spirits. It can be as simple as one flower or a pretty rock you found on a walk.

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You can even write a message for the nature spirits using nearby sticks or leaves. The green witch is always learning — through her time in nature and through study. Replace fifteen to thirty minutes of screen time each day with fifteen to thirty minutes of reading time. Choose green witchcraft books, books on herbalism, foraging, fairies and gardening.

So much healthier for your spirit and mind than TV or phone time!

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Think about its meaning to you and your life throughout the day. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.

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A Green Witch's Formulary. In older times, the female head of household was responsible for the health of the In older times, the female head of household was responsible for the health of the household. Doctors or healing priests were usually too far away to consult except in extreme circumstances.

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